East Caroline Islands




J. Hales


Federated States of Micronesia

Major Habitat Type

Oceanic Islands

Drainages flowing into

Pacific Ocean

Main rivers to other water bodies

Nanpil Kiepw, Senipehn, Mahnd, Lehn Mesi (Pohnpei); Malem (Kosrae)



This ecoregion encompasses the easternmost islands of the Caroline Islands, in the Eastern Caroline Basin northerneast of New Guinea. They form part of the Federated States of Micronesia, and include Oruluk Atoll, Senyavin Islands (comprising Pohnpei Island, Ant Atoll, and Pakin Atoll), and Kosrae.

Terrestrial habitats

Carolines tropical moist forests [OC0101] terrestrial ecoregion.

Description of endemic fishes

The ecoregion is noted for its four endemic gobies. Sicyopterus eudentatus, Sicyopterus lividus, and Stiphodon caeruleus are located on the islands of Pohnpei and Kosrae, whereas Sicyopus nigriradiatusis only found on Pohnpei. Of these, Stiphodon caeruleus is the most abundant.

Other noteworthy fishes

Sicyopterus eudentatus is listed as Endangered according the IUCN Red List (IUCN 2012).

Justification for delineation

The East Caroline Islands ecoregion was defined on the basis of distinctive (endemic or near-endemic) fish faunas, particularly among gobies.


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