Bismarck Archipelago




J. Hales


Papua New Guinea

Major Habitat Type

Tropical and subtropical coastal rivers

Drainages flowing into

Bismarck Sea, Pacific Ocean



The Bismarck Archipelago ecoregion includes the Bismarck Archipelago and Admiralty Islands, which together form a ring of islands off the northeast coast of New Guinea. The islands are situated in the South Pacific around the Bismarck Sea. The largest islands include New Britian, New Ireland, and Manus.

Terrestrial habitats

The Bismarck Archipelago ecoregion is composed of several terrestrial ecoregions [AA0101], including the Admiralty Islands lowland rain forests; New Britain-New Ireland lowland rain forests [AA0111]; and New Britain-New Ireland montane rain forests [AA0112] (WWF 2001).

Description of endemic fishes

The ecoregion contains only one endemic species, Stenogobius alleni, which is found on New Britian Island.

Justification for delineation

The Bismarck Archipelago was defined on the basis of distinctive (endemic or near-endemic) fish faunas.


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