Sri Lanka Dry Zone




J. Hales


Sri Lanka

Major Habitat Type

Tropical and subtropical coastal rivers

Drainages flowing into

Indian Ocean



Includes all of Sri Lanka, except for streams in the wet zone [ecoregion 718].

Description of endemic fishes

The ecoregion contains endemic species, although there are three species that are endemic to Sri Lanka [ecoregions 717, 718].

Justification for delineation

For Southeast Asia, delineations were determined using a bottom-up approach that employed both published and unpublished field data and expert assessment (Abell et al. 2008; Pethiyagoda 1991). The ecoregion is distinguished from ecoregion 718 by differences in climate and fauna. It shares similar fauna, but different vegetation and climate with the Southeastern Ghats [ecoregion 716] on the Indian Peninsula (M. Kottelat pers. comm. 2006).


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